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Stained glass and decorative glass

Whatever projects you have - doors, windows, an opening in a wall or a dividing panel - this glass will transform the space around it. The multitude of colors and textures will delight your eyes and soul.

Stained glass completely changes the light around them and the rooms where they are located. You do not necessarily need bright or direct light, you do not always need natural light; you can use any light to change the mood, to send a special feeling or to express the ideas that you dream at home, in the office, in the church or in public buildings.

We can create a design especially for you, using handcrafted glass and a variety of different techniques to create beautiful and unique items.

Colored stained glass – traditional or contemporary – small, beautifully drawn, and painted in bright colors. Imagine such flowers, which are always blooming, and birds - color jewelry, which are always flying. Geometrical, zodiac, abstract, religious pictures can be immortalized in our stained glass windows.