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Plaques and Trophies

Cups, trophies and medals are a category of awards primarily used in the academic environment, at workplaces or sporting events. These are physical evidence of a victory and they show the representation of a symbol, in accordance with the theme of the won contest.

Today, these distinctions have the same meaning as they originally had, that of tangible evidence of a victory, but lately they were introduced more in competitions inside different companies or they are offered as gifts to the most important suppliers or partners.

Trophies can be made ​​from several materials, depending on the specific project. Recently, in addition to the classical metals (gold, silver), wood or crystal, there begin to be accessed a number of new, more suitable for contemporary aesthetic style coordinates, such as acrylic, glass or marble. Laser technology is one of the preferred methods of customizing trophies and commemorative plaques.