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Bulletproof glass at the best price !

Bulletproof and armor

Your home or place of residence is an important place to keep safe. In Romania, the risk of your personal safety and the safety of home goods tend to rise.

A minor risk until recently, it has become a major one. It can be easily minimized with some simple precaution and prevention actions.

Our solutions to secure your houses or residences range from minimum burglar security to safety and long survival bunkers.

You can secure a room, a computer, an area or an entire house, all these starting from the security level that you want.

The questions you should answer to find the ideal solution for security are:

1. How important are the people who should be protected, how popular they are?

2. What are the main dangers you are afraid of?

3. How much money do you want to invest in security solutions?

Among the possible solutions, we list bulletproof windows and doors, burglar-proof windows and doors, with normal windows, natural or RAL colored, fireproof windows, armored panels, plating with bullet-proof materials, building materials for shielding electromagnetic waves or Faraday cages, surveillance and jamming equipment, devices and materials for inducing electromagnetic smog, thermal room, ventilation and closed circuit air conditioning systems, etc.

We have approvals required for the installation of the above-mentioned, also for bulletproof glass, bulletproof doors, transfer drawers for exchange offices, pawnshops, and cashiers.