About us

We are honored that you visit our siteOver 12 years of experience in processing glass, decorative glass and safety


MATEX is synonymous with style, quality that creates a sensation of refinement, not only in terms of design, but also regarding materials and production techniques.

Our vision is to renew and revive the residential and commercial properties at a national level, engaging us properly in manufacturing and installating glass parts combined with elements of stainless steel or wood, providing safe and unique effects and utilities.

Work quality and our services are guaranteed by our good reputation and not by the certificates of quality maintenance ISO or the tag CE, which we own.

Modern equipment, software are completed by staff qualified in years of experience and certified by national and EU institutions in anti-theft windows, bulletproof armor and security branch.

Artwork, stained glass, painting, sanding, and engraving are done by a team of skilled and open-minded designers and artists. No matter how great the challenge is, we ensure you that we live up to your expectations and taste.